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Who We Are

SEVIERly GOOD GLUTEN FREE blossomed from the need for our family to eat a gluten-free diet due to high gluten intolerances.

We quickly realized how difficult it was to find good local resources for the things that we love to eat. Additionally, we had to get used to eating a different diet. That’s when the kitchen experiments (and fun) began!

Our past experience in the baking industry, combined with some great resources, enabled us to create a list of recipes with which to begin. We now have a wonderful set of mixes that are versatile, simple and easy to make.

Our grocery and utility bills attest to the challenges and excitement of experimenting that the first year of gluten-free baking brought to our home. We are very grateful to family and friends for being dedicated and critical taste testers who continue to support us on this journey. These mixes wouldn’t be as wonderful as they are if we hadn’t had their help. With much encouragement from our community, we decided to bring these mix recipes to life with our business, Sevierly Good Gluten Free.

The first two years found us lovingly making each mix by hand in a local commercial kitchen. We have since expanded to working with a manufacturer which has enabled us to grow our dream. Now these certified organic, gluten-free, kosher and easy to use mixes can be found in more stores throughout theĀ United States. Orders can also be placed online from our Products page and shipped direct to your home.

From our kitchen to yours, we hope that you enjoy our recipes and mixes as much as we have enjoyed creating them. And, as many have said...”It’s more than good, it’s Sevierly Good”. We thank you for your business!

The Sevier Family

Ellie's original artwork

Ellye's artwork, the inspiration for our original label and from which we took the color palette for our new logo.

The Sevier Family

The Sevier Family

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